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Universal Beam Clamp with Tapped Hole

A-BC26 (Zinc)

BC Beam Clamp

A-BC (Zinc)

Steel Beam Clamp

A-BC200 (1/4", Zinc)

A-BC400 (3/8", Zinc)

Insulator Electrical Beam Clamp

A-405Z (Zinc)

A-405SS (Stainless Steel)

Small Mouth Beam Clamp

A-FIG 406 (Plain)

A-FIG 406Z (Zinc)

A-FIG 406H (Hot-Dip Galvanized)

Stainless Steel Small Mouth Beam Clamp

A-FIG 406SS (Stainless Steel)

Wide Mouth Beam Clamp

A-FIG 407 (Plain)

A-FIG 407Z (Zinc)

Stamped C-Clamp

A-FIG 201Z (Zinc)

A-FIG 201SS (Stainless Steel)

Malleable C-Clamp

A-FIG 301 (Plain)

A-FIG 301Z (Zinc)

Purlin Clamp

A-FIG 404 (Plain)

A-FIG 404Z (Zinc)

Stamped Beam Clamp Top Mount

A-SBC (Zinc)

Adjustable Center Load Beam Clamp with J Bolt

A-363 (Plain)

A-363Z (Zinc)

Right Angle Pipe and Conduit Clamp

A-RA (Hot-Dip Galvanized)

​A-RASS (Stainless Steel)

Center Beam Clamp

A-FIG 410 (Plain)

A-FIG 410Z (Zinc)

Retaining Strap

A-FIG 416 (Pre-Galvanized)

Two Hole Retainer Strap

A-35RS (Pre-Galvanized)

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