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Bolt Close Conduit Pipe Clamp

A-CD (Zinc)

Standard Riser Clamp

A-FIG 82 (Plain)

A-FIG 82Z (Zinc)

A-FIG 822SS (Stainless Steel)

A-FIG 82H (Hot-Dip Galvanized)

Copper Epoxy / Copper Plated Riser Clamp

A-FIG 85 (Copper Epoxy)

A-FIG 85CP (Copper Plated)

Split Ring Hanger Hinged

A-FIG 38 (Plain)

A-FIG 38Z (Zinc)

Copper Epoxy Split Ring Hanger Hinged

A-FIG 38C (Copper Epoxy)

A-FIG 38CP (Copper Plated)

Stainless Steel Split Ring Hanger Two Screw

A-FIG 38SS (Stainless Steel)

2-Bolt Pipe Clamp

A-FIG 31 (Plain)

A-FIG 31Z (Zinc)

3-Bolt Pipe Clamp

A-FIG 33M (Plain)

A-FIG 33MZ (Zinc)

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